Saying Goodbye Is Never An Easy Thing To Do



I had a pretty rough weekend. On my way home Friday night I totaled my vehicle. It wasn’t the newest thing on the road, in fact, next year it would have been legally considered a classic. It had serious car cancer on the rear quarter panels, the running board on the passenger side was barely hanging on, the driver side window didn’t roll up without help, the air conditioning didn’t work because there was a hole in one of the hoses (It would have cost more than the truck was worth to actually fix it) and when you drove down the highway, because of the driver’s side window, it got a bit loud. Despite all that and its 254,000+ miles it was, and probably always will be my favorite vehicle.


It was always reliable. Only a hand full of times it didn’t start for me and those were all my fault. See the door on the glove compartment wouldn’t stay shut because it was broken, thus the light would stay on and drain the battery. I tried taping it but it would always work its way open again. I could have tried harder but I liked that quirky aspect of my truck. I truly loved her as part of my family and I mourn her loss as such. I have many memories of the different vehicles in my past but she is and will always be my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. You will be missed girl.


Dan Seals – My Old Yellow Car


I thought this was a fitting tribute to the loss of my beloved Suburban.





I said I had a pretty rough weekend and I have only mentioned the loss of my Suburban… Well there is more to the story. After the news of my truck I got another round of devastating information dropped on me. A close friend of mine had passed away. I was shocked and this information sent me reeling. I didn’t know how to react… I was so taken aback that it really didn’t sink in right away. He was so young and had been so full of life that I never expected this. No one should expect something like this.


I had known him only for a few years but we became fast friends. We shared many of the same interests and he had a sharp intellect which was almost as sharp as his wit and sense of humor. He enjoyed life and lived it well. He worked and played equally hard. I remember one day I got a message from him. He said “There is this website I have been following. You need to check it out.” The site he was referring to was this one. I chuckled to myself when I read his message and when I told him that it was my site he was referring to he exclaimed “Shut up!”. What can I say, the guy had taste… He was one of my biggest supporters and a genuine fan and even more importantly he was a beautiful person and friend. You will be missed, never, ever forgotten and always loved.


Dan Seals – One Friend


Again I turn to Dan Seals to play tribute to a beloved friend.





A piece of advice for anyone who may read this; Cherish every moment you have, love like there’s no tomorrow and be thankful for each day you have because you never know if it will be your last. 



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