Here lies the ramblings and general braindroppings of a brilliant, yet twisted, man who we all will come to know and love. His name is Scuzz and listen to what he has to say; Most of the time it is very important! Ok… Ok… Ok…  it is all important!



And now a word from the man himself…..

Welcome to my brightly lit corner of the backroom!

I feel I need to introduce myself and my promise to the readers/listeners.
Hi I am Scuzz. (Is that enough of an intro? No? Damn it. I tried.) I am a lover of cartoons, anime, movies, music, writing, and oddities. I try to immerse myself into all forms of the things that I love but as with everything it is not always possible.

I am an odd ball as my friend has so delicately put it in the previous post but I like to think of myself as seeing the world through a different set of lenses. My promise to you the reader (and you the listener of the podcast) is that I will give my honest opinion on the topics presented to me.




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