By Scuzz

The trailer for the movie drive had me as giddy as a school girl. I mean look at it: Cool violence/action sequences, interesting dialog exchanges and some damn cool driving sequences. Hell if the story is what they are portraying it to be from the trailer this one will be out of the park. OUT OF THE PARK!


Then I watched the movie….


I have sat through commercials on that had more dialog then this movie. The main character I believe says a total of 30 to MAYBE 50 words. Most of the good lines and scenes occur in the extended trailer for this movie. There were a lot of camera shots of regular driving. The main actor was a wheelman and a stunt actor and there were a lot of shots of him just driving around NORMALLY. And the fight scenes? Saw all but maybe one or two in the trailer.


Sigh. Fooled by another trailer.


Now to be fair I believe the director was trying to tell a very character driven development story. I also believe that the action and driving sequences where supposed to help tell the story. I do feel that that the director went a little TOO artsy with this film. The opportunity to really tell this story and still not be an action style movie could have been done but it was missed. That makes me sad as the director of this movie also did Bronson which I absolutely LOVE., but that is another story.


In close this is a movie AT MOST you rent or borrow from a friend. Though I do say be prepared to sit watching this movie and ask “Where is my time going?”


Or better yet: Watch the trailer and tell people you saw the movie!


Hey that is a good idea.


On behalf of I present the only way to watch Drive:






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