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Richard Coyle in Pusher

Richard Coyle in Pusher

A small time drug dealer in London sets up a larger score and things fall apart. They fall apart bad.

When I saw the trailer for this movie I was immediately sold because of the lead actor, Richard Coyle. This man is amazing! I first came across him in a BBC series called Coupling. He plays Jeff the weird friend we know we all have. He’s had a decent movie career that I am slowly trying to catch up on. If you have a chance go watch an episode of Coupling.

The cast of BBC's 'Coupling'

The cast of BBC’s ‘Coupling’

(TAMN here: I recommend watching Coupling season 2 episode 1 ‘The Man with Two Legs’ or season 1 episode 5 ‘The Girl with Two Breasts’. Both showcase Richard’s character Jeff as well as how brilliant the show was. He also had a great 7 episode arc on the USA show ‘Covert Affairs’ that is worth watching.)

But I digress back to the movie. With Richard taking up the main actor duties the rest of the cast really doesn’t leave much too any slack in their performances. Let’s get to the brass tacks though before I wander too far off topic; between the acting, the story and the really good electro soundtrack, done by the amazing duo Orbital, this movie paints a wonderfully dark picture that is a joy to watch.

Final Verdict: This movie is a renter. (I plan on purchasing it when I have the chance.)

Pusher is available now on most rental services (like Amazon Instant Video) and on DVD from UK sellers.




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