The Quest For A Chair: It Begins!

By Scuzz



As I have stated in other posts I am a nerd and a geek. I love movies, music and games. I just recently got some money and was able to build a PC that I can now actually play games made in the last few years on as well as start digitizing my music for easier listening and transporting capabilities.


Well I had a friend of mine help me build this amazing PC and was able to snag a pretty damn good monitor from him as well for cheapish. I played with my pc at his house (which is a safe haven of really damn good computer equipment and other things) and really fell in love. So after a drunken night of playing with my precious I decided I better bring her home.  Here is where the quest begins.


I got my PC home with the new monitor and was excited to hook it up. It is now that I realized that I am now in trouble.  I hook everything up and think that it is all going to work. Well the mouse and the headset work…but the keyboard dies. Horribly. (I will at this juncture point out that one of the big reasons I put together this new PC is for Diablo 3 and at this time I am literally 2 days away from release.)


Crap. Now I have to scavenge a working keyboard or buy a new one. I looked online and found TONS that I want, in particular the Razer Black Widow gaming keyboard. Though the pesky makers of keyboards want money for them and since I just dropped most (read all) of my money into the new PC and monitor I thus could not buy one. Well now it was rummaging around looking for one amongst the piles of rubble I call my fallout shelter (most people call theirs a man cave). Well I was lucky enough to have a guy I know in IT at work lend me one from the work wares. So whew….that is taken care of.


Now the day of D3 is upon me. I go to the midnight release and take it home and load it on to my sweet PC and get ready for a few hours of gaming. WRONG…Servers don’t go live until 12:01 am PDT. With a sigh of regret I go to bed and plan on going to work.


All through the work day I am excited to go home and play D3. It calls to me like a sweet siren of destruction. Well I finally get home log in and start playing. D3 looks amazing! It plays decently nice. There are server issues left and right. There are problems that shouldn’t be problems for a game that has been in development for 12 years but overall it isn’t a bad game.


Well I go through the next few days of power gaming. I think everything is going hunky dory then reality sets in. The chair I thought would last me years…is getting to be on its last legs. NOOOOOooooo. As any gamer will tell you if you lose your chair you are a gamer without a country. I am now a man free roaming, sitting on the edge of a country that is in desperate need of a face lift or a new build! I head to the internet and look and find things that I will never be able to afford without knowing extremely wealthy people who like me or winning the lottery but look so comfortable


( ).


No matter how hard I look all the companies want those little green bastards (also known as money to most) which I am in charge of none. So thus I set out on my quest… A man in search for a new gaming chair… Where will this journey take me?



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