Zork Screen ShotSomething new from the mind of Scuzz. SPS a.k.a. Simple Pleasures Series. With this one he brings to light the little things in life that tickle his brain good…. Or mine… Here is his proposal for the series:

“The concept is simple: In today’s world we rush through life trying to get bigger and better things and always trying to get something just out of reach, but very rarely do we stop and smell the roses. It is the small things that can make us smile or bring a large amount of joy we just never knew into our life. Sometimes it is a simple conversation with a stranger or a perfect meal or even a song coming on the radio. In this series I will try to bring up different small pleasures I find that more people need to slow down and try for maybe a quick bit of happiness. Try it….may change your life….”

Easy Peasy!



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