By Scuzz



Here is the first in a series of articles I will be writing. The concept is simple: In today’s world we rush through life trying to get bigger and better things and always trying to get something just out of reach, but very rarely do we stop and smell the roses. It is the small things that can make us smile or bring a large amount of joy we just never knew into our life. Sometimes it is a simple conversation with a stranger or a perfect meal or even a song coming on the radio. In this series I will try to bring up different small pleasures I find that more people need to slow down and try for maybe a quick bit of happiness. Try it….may change your life….


Ok and now here is the first installment: Randomness!


If you have been on the internet at all you will be familiar with the concept of lists. One of these lists that are common is the random music list. These lists are fairly simple, put your music player of choice on random and write down the songs. Depending on the order they indicate the soundtrack to a certain situation. Most people will most likely just skip these lists or just write in songs they would like to hear. While both options work you miss the game of it. The little bit of fun that the list contains. I recently tried one of these lists with my Ipod (which has a personality all of its own anyways). Below is the list and the songs that occurred when I actually tried it. If you have a chance…try it for yourself. Have a little fun.


Zombie Random Playlist: Put your media player of choice on shuffle or random


1st song is the overall theme for the Apocalypse

2nd song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill

3rd song plays while you are being chased by a Horde

4th song plays when you’re forced to kill your loved one

5th song plays when you find the new love interest

6th song plays when you make your final stand

7th song plays when you (think you) make it through it all

8th song plays when you discover a bite mark



-And now my results with exactly how they played!-


  1. Blue Lamp by Stevie Nicks
  2. The Keys To Life – 15 Minutes Of Fame by Atmosphere
  3. Circle IV: The Hoarders and the Spendthrifts: Dark Cold Sound by Zao
  4. Benny Got Blowed Up by NOFX
  5. Brodels by 311
  6. Good Grief by Urban Dance Squad
  7. Rats! Rats! Rats! By Deftones
  8. What Goes Around Comes Around, Kid by Cypress Hill


TAMN here…. My turn to do this one…. And the results are in….


  1. Natalie’s Rap by The Lonely Island
  2. Take You In My Arms (Rock Me) by The Doobie Brothers
  3. Go With Happiness by The Swell Season
  4. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson
  5. Summers’s Over by Jonathan Coulton
  6. Ice Cream Castles by The Time
  7. Trying To Survive by Montgomery Gentry
  8. Break by Three Days Grace


A couple quick observations… Some of these are wonderfully fitting (#’s 7 and 8), Scuzzy and I have two COMPLETELY different musical collections and finally…. I didn’t even know I had Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson in my computer… (Also what a great pull for that number!)


*looks around* Yep… I think they bought it…



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