Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

The highly stylized noir graphic novel is getting a second shot at the box office. The original 2005 ‘Sin City’ was stunning in its jump from page to screen; Frank Miller’s source material never looked better. For the sequel he and Robert Rodriguez bring us back to Basin City and crank up everything. The look is just as stunning. Here’s all they are saying so far about this one:


3 Days to Kill


'3 days to Kill' promo banner

‘3 days to Kill’ promo banner

Kevin Costner is setting himself up to have a huge year. He has 4 big movies slated to come out this year with potentially a 5th thrown in there as well. Things look to be coming up Costner in 2014. For example, this little spy thriller. Here is the official synopsis of what’s going on:  (more…)

Red Cliff

By: He Might Be Giant


Red Cliff poster

Red Cliff poster

A few days ago I was listening to some pretty epic power metal, the likes of which can be heard with Blind Guardian or Hammerfall, and I decided that I haven’t watched a good epic film in a long while.  So I went to my film collection and picked out “Red Cliff”, a 2008 John Woo film based off the Battle of Red Cliffs (208 C.E.-209 C.E.). Now with this there were two different releases, the Chinese release that was two parts and runs a total of 288 minutes (over 4 and ½ hours) and the US release which was cut down by two hours.  I happen to own the Chinese release and have yet to watch the US version.



I see the title for this movie and the first thing that pops into my head is this:  (more…)



Teaser poster for the new 'RoboCop'

Teaser poster for the new ‘RoboCop’

The Hollywood reimaging/remaking machine just keeps rolling on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on an… sorry I was suck in a loop. I needed a reboot. Which is a term that should be reserved mostly for computers not movies. There is/are the rare exception(s). This may be one of them.  (more…)



Transcendence banner

Transcendence banner

In the 1980’s movies glamorized computers to the point where they were magical and could do magical things. People just didn’t comprehend what they were, how they worked or what they were capable of doing. Now there is more computing power in your cell phone than all the Apollo spacecrafts combined and there is some sort of computer in 99% of household in the US.

Computer science (and science in general) has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 30 years to where some things are not only probable but may be even possible. So the concept of this movie isn’t necessarily too farfetched.  (more…)

Welcome to Yesterday

'Welcome to Yesterday' banner

‘Welcome to Yesterday’ banner

First off, yes this movie is produced by Michael Bay. But from what I can find out, his involvement goes only as far as fronting some of the money because he was busy making ‘Transformers 4’ while this was shooting. The plot for ‘Welcome to Yesterday’ is simple:  (more…)

Edge of Tomorrow


Edge of Tomorrow Comic-Con Poster

Edge of Tomorrow Comic-Con Poster


This is Tom Cruise’s second epic sci-fi film in as many years. This last spring ‘Oblivion’ unperformed for the critics. I saw it and liked it more than most. With this movie they start with a bestselling book and a proven plot device. What do I mean? Read the synopsis and see what I mean:  (more…)

Jupiter Ascending


Director's chair from the film.

Director’s chair from the film.

The latest offering written and directed by the Wachowskis spans the universe. From the face of planet Earth to galaxies far, far away… but not ones long, long ago that I know of. Here is how the official plot description goes:  (more…)

I, Frankenstein

I, Frankestein Poster

I, Frankestein Poster

I thought this was a fitting one to drop on Halloween. Here is the official description:


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