Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

The highly stylized noir graphic novel is getting a second shot at the box office. The original 2005 ‘Sin City’ was stunning in its jump from page to screen; Frank Miller’s source material never looked better. For the sequel he and Robert Rodriguez bring us back to Basin City and crank up everything. The look is just as stunning. Here’s all they are saying so far about this one:


The Details



It all depends on your sense of humor, but anything can be a comedy. Most of the time we laugh at the sheer absurdity of what we are seeing on the screen, for example, with any of the ‘gore porn’ movies (Saw, Hostel…) some are unable to process the images they see, they have to laugh to protect themselves from being disturbed to their core or the absurdity of it all just strikes a comedic chord in them. The later is what most dark comedies prey upon; the absurdity of situations. It is a tricky line to walk. Too much one way and it can become an outright drama. Too much the other way and it is a farce. But if the filmmaker toes the line it can become an artful train wreck that evokes the gallows humor in all of us. I believe ‘The Details’ toes that line.


With a wonderful cast that includes the talents of Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks (love her!) and Ray Liotta, the film centers on Tobey’s character’s fidelity. He is in a sexless marriage which sends him to the loins of another. The aftermath of his promiscuity is pregnancy, of which he wants none, so he decides he wants to start eliminating his problems from his life… permanently. All of these events are perpetuated by a family of raccoons in Tobey and Elizabeth’s backyard. If this doesn’t have dark comedy written all over it, I don’t know what would.





5 Or More… Baseball Movies



‘Tis the season… What season you ask? Well the following clip from NewsRadio should help explain things….







Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Baseball Movies.



Mr. Baseball

The man with the best mustache in the business takes his talents to the diamond. Tom Selleck plays an aging baseball
player trying to hold on to the game. He gets traded to a Japanese baseball team and the fish out of water story begins.
For some reason this movie has always stuck with me. I just enjoy it.







The Scout

The story of Steve Nebraska (Brendan Fraser) and his discovery by baseball scout Al Percolo (Albert Brooks). The kid can
pitch. The kid can hit. The kid can eat. It is an enjoyable film with a good heart at its center. It isn’t a well know
movie but worth a watch if you like Brendan Fraser and/or Albert Brooks.







For Love of the Game

The third of the three baseball movies Kevin Costner has done and probably my favorite. The story is good, it is shot well
but I think it is my favorite because of one person; Vin Scully. When I think of baseball in my head, it is his voice I
think in. He can really turn a simple baseball game into something magical. Also it was directed by Sam Raimi.



Vin Scully in For Love of the Game.



A League of Their Own

This is Penny Marshall’s foray into the world of professional baseball movies as well as Tom Hanks. Good story, good
acting and just good fun. I have always enjoyed this movie. More importantly this film gave us one of the most universally
used quotes of all time.







The Sandlot

I am a huge fan of coming of age type movies and for that reason I am reluctant to put it on this list, but at its heart
it is a baseball movie and a darn good one at that.







Little Big League

Billy Heywood’s grandfather, the much loved owner of the Minnesota Twins, passes away and in his will leave the team to
Billy. Billy has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game of baseball so when he doesn’t agree with how the manager is
handling the team he appoints himself the new team’s manager. This is one of those movies that if it is on I will usually
stop and watch it. Plus it has a great musical montage!







Rookie of the Year

This is the third, and final, of the ‘kids and baseball’ movies on my list. This one has Henry Rowengartner, through crazy
random happenstance, signed by the loveable losers, Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs. There he becomes their star
attraction. Again another movie that if it is on I will sit and watch it.







Summer Catch

This movie is pretty much Bull Durham 2k. But personally I like it a little better than Bull Durham. The following clip
might have something to do with that…







Major League



You didn’t think I would do a list of baseball movies and not include this storied franchise did you? Come on…
Seriously? This movie is a classic. It is a must watch for any baseball movie lover. It has it all and then some.







Honorable mentions go to Eight Men Out, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Natural, Brewster’s Millions, Moneyball, The
Rookie, and Fever Pitch.

There it is, for better or worse. That is my list of Baseball Movies.



Let me know…



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