Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

Sin City A Dame to Kill For poster

The highly stylized noir graphic novel is getting a second shot at the box office. The original 2005 ‘Sin City’ was stunning in its jump from page to screen; Frank Miller’s source material never looked better. For the sequel he and Robert Rodriguez bring us back to Basin City and crank up everything. The look is just as stunning. Here’s all they are saying so far about this one:





The plot of this movie is a bit trippy… As kids they meet and eventually fall in love with each other. The boy dies and the girl decides to clone her love. She carries him and raises him… and she still loves him. And I mean L.O.V.E.S. him. It looks very interesting plus it stars the current regeneration of The Doctor, Matt Smith. I will give this film a shot. Now I just need to find it…… hmmmmmmm….





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