Nerdmasses Unite!



I am a firm believer in all things nerdy. This is one of those things that I believe in wholeheartedly. I have been a fan of D&D for many years. I love the togetherness and comradery of the game. For me it was a chance for my closest friends and me to get together each week, catch up with each other and ultimately have fun enjoying each other’s company…. Oh yeah, and we got to pretend we were great warriors, master thieves, powerful wizards or accident prone dwarves! The wonderful stories we would weave while inhabiting those characters was priceless. There came a point where we actually had an audience for our weekly games. 10 to 15 people would cram into our apartment on a weekly basis, sit quietly and watch us become these characters. It was and will always be some of my favorite memories.


What this Kickstarter project is trying to give the world is a look at the genesis of what now is a major part of everyone’s daily lives in some way, shape or form. ‘Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary’ tells the story of D&D from its humble beginnings in the mind of Gary Gygax to the world wide phenom it has become today.


We need this out in the world!


Please visit the Kickstarter page for ‘Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary’ and consider throwing a couple bucks their way. You will not only get the fantastic gifts promised for each level of monetary commitment but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped an artist achieve their dreams. Plus we will have a visual history of something that we all love.


(I am in no way affiliated with the making of this movie, I am just a big fan of supporting things that I love and believe in.)





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