WHEEEEEEAAAATOOOOON!!! This is a board game nerd’s dream; to play board games with Wil Wheaton and other heavy hitting nerd icons. (I know I would love to sit in on a few of these games.) Brought to you by the YouTube channel ‘Geek & Sundry’, which of course are also the producers of the web series ‘The Guild’, ‘Tabletop’ gives you an in-depth look at some of the best gateway board games.


Wil, as the host, gives a brief explanation of the game, gameplay and its rules then he and a couple friends join in to play for the coveted trophy ‘given out’ at the end of each game. It is easy to follow and quite entertaining.  They play it out like a combination of the old Bravo show ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown’ and IFC’s ‘Dinner for Five’ with cut away interviews and informational graphics during the game.


They happened to play one of my favorite games, ‘Ticket to Ride’, which I think is the perfect gateway game. Most people are only familiar with roll and move games (Monopoly, Sorry, Life etc…) but there is a whole other world of board games out there, the more European style of board game. Most of them are more cooperative and strategy based. They are endlessly entertaining and can be equally frustrating. This is where gateway games come in. They bridge the gap between the familiar with the new and unknown… and why ‘Ticket to Ride’ works so well as an introduction to that new frontier.


They put out a new episode every other Friday and it is worth checking out. And also do check out the other episodes of ‘Tabletop’. You might just find a new game for you and your friends to get together and play!






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