Now that's a lot of systems!

Now that’s a lot of systems!

I’m not one to play many video games. My passion for video games begin to wane with the addition of more and more buttons on the controller. I bought a Sega Genesis for one game (Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition) I only had two other games for it; Hardball a baseball game which I never won a single game and a hockey game, I believe it was NHL ’94.

I bought a Sony Playstation, for a really dumb reason, I got fired from the job I had at the time and was depressed. So being young and stupid I bought an expensive shiny thing to make me feel better. It really didn’t. I had several games for my Playstation but I never consistently played it. I still have a season of Triple Play 2001 that I am in the middle of. Created the entire roster. Only lost 3 games so far. I will finish it someday…

Yep, that's me, TAMN, cirrca 1990ish. (Check out those tight rolled jeans.)

Yep, that’s me, TAMN, cirrca 1990ish. (Check out those tight rolled jeans.)

I grew up playing my video games in an arcade. I am an 8 to 32-bit kind of guy. Give me a Galaga, World Series Baseball or Yie Ar Kung-Fu cabinet and I am a happy guy. But I do appreciate the beauty and complex storytelling in this new generation of video games. They are fantastic. Just like this reboot of the Thief series.

Thief Screen Shot

Thief Screen Shot


It was unveiled in 2009 and slated for a 2014 release. It looks fantastic. I won’t be playing, one because the newest system I have is that Playstation I mentioned earlier and two I would much rather watch someone play the game. To me these games are more akin to a movie than a game. Simply Beautiful.





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