10 Years



I am fascinated by school reunions. Why, you ask…? The best answer I can give is curiosity. There is an inherent need inside of me to know everything, so reunions allow that needs to be satiated. You get to find out what people have been doing, where they are in life and, ultimately, how your life stacks up against theirs. I guess there is also a wanten need to try and recapture a piece of your youth.


All that stuff above is why I enjoy these types of movies so much. I live in my head a lot of the time and that is where many scenarios play out… over and over and over. With movies like this, they always get me to thinking and that inevitably leads down the slippery slope of the ‘What If’ game. You all know what I am talking about. What if I did this? Or What if I did that? What if I went here instead of there? Or what if I went out with so and so? It is a wicked game to play in your brains. Much time and MUCH sanity can be lost playing a game with no good outcome.


This film looks to play that ‘what if’ game a little bit. A group of friends reunite for their 10 year high school reunion. Some have done well for themselves, some have kids, some are in relationships and some still think about what they had back then and if they made the right decision. The cast is chock full of fantastic, young talent and the screenplay comes from Jamie Linden; the same Jamie Linden who wrote ‘Dear John’ and ‘We Are Marshall’. This has all the makings of a good film. Look for it this weekend.




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