Carrie (2013)


Poster for the original 'Carrie'

Poster for the original ‘Carrie’

Touching classics is a, for lack of a non-repetitive word, touchy. The original 1976 Oscar nominated film starring Sissy Spacek and directed by Brian De Palma is an American cinema classic. It is on many top (however many) lists and the original source material is one of Stephen Kings’ best books to date. So to remake this film takes some serious huevos.

The first thing you need to do is cast the right person as the titular character. I think they nailed that. I have lamented on several occasions about the talent that is Chloë Grace Moretz. Everything I have seen her in screams fantastic actor to me. She has made great decisions in her young career (Kick-Ass, Hick, Let Me In, Dark Shadows, etc…) and this may be the best one of them all. There are some seriously big shoes to fill but I know she can do the job. I think she is awesome!

Chloë Grace Moretz in the 'Carrie' remake

Chloë Grace Moretz in the ‘Carrie’ remake

The second thing they need to do is pay serious homage to the original work, but make it enough of its own entity. It can be done (ala the new Star Trek series) but it also can fail miserably (aka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). I don’t want a shot for shot remake of the original but nods need to be made whenever and wherever they can.

Now do I think that this will garner Academy Award nominations? History is against it. The only one I can think of is ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. In ’35 Clark Cables version won the Oscar and the ’62 Brando version was nominated but lost to Mr. O’Toole and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. But who knows. It does have a four time Oscar nominated actress (Julianne Moore) in it. This is slated for an October release so we have to wait till then to find out!




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