Celeste and Jesse Forever



We actually get to see Andy Samberg act. We all know he is a funny and talented guy but he gets to play against the preconceived notions a bit in this one. The script was penned by the extraordinarily talented and beautiful Rashida Jones (The Office, Parks and Recreation) as well as the equally talented, and beautiful in a manly way, Will McCormack (Dirt, In Plain Sight). This type of film is right in my wheelhouse; Independent RomCom. I get the feeling that it isn’t going to lean heavily on the comedy to get by. I think it will use the comedy to lull you and surprise you with its heart and emotion.


The movie is about two best friends (Played by Rashida and Andy) who just went through a divorce but remain really close friends. It deals with the two moving on and dating other people… Well one of them is moving on while the other still may have feelings. I really want to see this film.





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