Evil Dead (2013)



You know the story. You love the original. You question the validity of this remake. You scoff at the idea of touching a part of horror nerd history… hell the original is in the pantheon. I had the same thoughts as well. And you all know how many times I have lamented about remakes/reimagines. But this is co-written by Sam Raimi and was given the stamp of approval by THEE man himself, God amongst mortal acting men, Bruce Campbell. If it is good enough for Ash it is good enough for me. One other plus side note to this, it has the VERY talented and VERY beautiful Jane Levy (Suburgatory). At least for me Jane Levy is a big bonus reason to see this.


(This is a very stern warning. This is the RED BAND TRAILER and thus it is VERY NSFW. Nor is it for the faint of heart. This trailer is very graphic. You have been warned)





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