G.I. Joe: Retaliation



Out of all the boycentric toys and cartoons growing up G.I. Joe was pretty close to being my favorite. I had the Cobra Terror Drome, G.I. Joe Tomahawk, Sgt. Slaughter, Tomax and Xamot… Heck I even saved up the points to get the William “The Refrigerator” Perry action figure. When I saw the preview for the first G.I. Joe movie, to say I was disappointed would be a real understatement. I found myself sitting in the theater one weekday afternoon, cloaked in shame and humiliation, to watch the movie. I said to myself “Self, give it a shot. It might be better than the preview looked.” I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. It was sad to see a beloved thing from my childhood get beaten around like that.


So when I found out they were making a second G.I. Joe movie I cringed. But being a sucker, I searched out and found info for it then found a trailer. The first teaser I saw peaked my interest. So I waited till they put out a full trailer. Then I watched it and wasn’t so scared anymore; not excited, but I will watch it with a little less shame and humiliation.





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