Hansel & Gretel Get Baked



Yep… Pretty much exactly what you are thinking. A stoner twist on the classic Grimm fairytale. Granted this may have a little more humor in it than the original source material but the dark side looks to have been preserved. I know I will seek this one out. Why you may ask? TAMN you don’t partake in the sticky icky? This is true. I am not into that whole scene but I do love Molly Quinn. She is a fantastic young actress who is intelligent, witty and stunningly beautiful; pretty much my dream woman. No… from what I have gleaned, she is exactly my dream woman! So yeah I will find this movie and I will watch this movie. J

(I think I maaaaaay have come off a little creepy there. Damn. Now she will never talk to me *sniff, sniff… wipe tear away… pout* )




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