Hello I Must Be Going



Life forces a divorced woman to move back in with her micromanaging mother (who is played by the Emmy Award winning and very gorgeous Blythe Danner). Her parents push blind dates on her and the woman (played by the very stunning and immensely talented Melanie Lynskey) is asked to show a 19 year old, who is new in town, some of the sights. The two end up falling for each other but they struggle with the age difference and how their relationship would be perceived by the public.


I have lamented many times on TAMN site here about how much I enjoy this type of film. I just gravitate toward them. From the looks of it Sarah Koskoff has penned a wonderful script….. Her first script even! I have always liked Melanie Lynskey in everything I have seen her in…. from ‘The Frighteners’ to guest spots on ‘House’ and ‘Psych’ to ‘Rose Red’ and ‘Up In The Air’…. She has always caught my eye. I will seek this film out.





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