In Their Skin



These people are really the worst kind of neighbors… no they don’t take your tools and forget to give them back; they take your identity and possibly even your lives. They take coveting thy neighbor to a whole new degree. Forcing the objects of their obsession do things they never wanted to do or ever even thought they could do.


This movie falls more into the thriller genre than the horror mold, but that doesn’t make it less frightening. I find, and I believe I have lamented about this before, that scenarios like this are much more disturbing for me than some of the other types of horror films; unless the horror film has dolls. Dolls are the worst. (In case you were wondering, and I know you are, the fear of dolls is called Pediophobia.) Regardless if this film has dolls or not, I believe it is worth a thrill or two and whoever is interested should check it out when it hits theaters in early November.





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