Jack Reacher



Based on the novel ‘One Shot’ by Lee Child, Jack Reacher (played by Tom Cruise) is an investigator… of sorts. He is the type of man that, when you see him, you step aside… a lot of men didn’t and a lot of men died…. Granted he isn’t loading sixteen tons or anything but he is a bad ass none the less. On this go around he reads about a situation in a heartland town where several residence were shot and killed. It is suspected that a trained sniper is the one who has done the killing. A man has been arrested but unequivocally denies any involvement. Jack comes to town to dispense his own justice to the man, but upon arriving he decides to look into what really happened. This is when the backside tanning really begins.


With the talents of Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins and the national treasure that is Robert Duvall costarring with Mr. Cruise, this has the makings of a pretty good popcorn flick. Granted TC is a very polarizing figure; people either love him or hate him. Personally I have always liked the Cruise. He seems like a nice guy. Personal life crap aside (Which really is none of my business) he has made some bold career choices and nearly all have paid off in the end. Plus you need to respect him for the stuff that he is willing to do… heck not willing, assistant upon doing. Some of his stunt work is borderline insane, but he does it and I respect him for it because I know he wants a sense of realism in his films. There needs to be more of that.





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