Les Misérables



I have always been a lover of the theater. I have acted, directed, costumed, make-uped, managed… pretty much anything and everything to do with the theater I have done and loved. I caught the bug early in my life. And musical theater combines two of my loves; music and theater… duh…


This happens to be one of my favorite musicals. The part of Jean Valjean is one of the hardest roles, musically,  for a male lead. The range needed to play that role effectively is IN-SANE! Hat’s off to you Mr. Jackman. Another thing about this play I have noticed… It might just be me, but in every production I have ever seen, the woman who plays Éponine is always waaaaaay hotter than the woman who plays Cosette. (And no, I am not talking about the young Cossette… you pervs…) Again this rings true for me in this one; Samantha Barks is infinitely more beautiful than Amanda Seyfried. It might just be me.


In this teaser we get a look at the scope and scale of this beautiful film; all the while serenaded by the immensely talented Anne Hathaway as Fantine. But we don’t get to see the character that everyone tells me I should portray if I ever get to do this show; Thénardier, who is played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Ah well… I will just have to wait till Christmas to see him sing “Master of the House”.





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