Much Ado About Nothing



Ever since word let slip that Joss and friends had made this movie I have wanted… no not desperate enough… NEEDED to see this movie. It is well known that on Sundays, Mr. Whedon invites friends and family over to his house and they inevitable end up reading Shakespeare out loud. His peeps rave about how much fun they always have doing that. Like anything good, people who make something need to have a passion for it.

Enough passion in fact to have your wife of 20 years suggest you shoot this movie at their home, on the sly, instead of going on vacation for their anniversary. One that is true love right there and two that is the kind of passion one needs to make a good <INSERT ANY TYPE OF ARTISTIC ENDEAVOR HERE>. So in 12 days, while still working on ‘The Avengers’, Joss & Friends (That totally should be a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80’s) shot one of the best comedies old Billy boy ever penned.

What can I say about this trailer…? If I was able to fornicate with a movie trailer, I would with this one. I would fornicate with it all night long. It is sexy. It has something to do with the St. Germain song ‘Rose Rouge’ used in the trailer. The majority of the sexiness comes from the black and white. It just looks cool. Like Rat Pack cool. The whole thing just drips with that beautiful retro/mod style. I want to have its babies…. I may need to get out more.




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