Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim


The first I heard about this movie was from Comic Con last year. People who were at the panel buzzed about how cool it looked, how well the CG looked and all that jazz. I heard a vague description of the plot and wasn’t really impressed, although everyone was saying that “It isn’t like anything you expect.” I was content to wait. Finally ‘Pacific Rim’ finished making its way around to all the different conventions and now the trailer is out for full public consumption. I have watched it. Here are my exact words that I uttered out loud, to an empty house:

“Uhhh, Holy F*ck…”

I immediately watched it again.

Pacific Rim Propaganda Poster

Pacific Rim Propaganda Poster

I won’t try and explain the plot, because it is done beautifully at the beginning of this trailer. They set it right out there for ya then proceed to show you exactly what they are going to do. It is pretty amazeballs. To describe what is going on I would say it is Voltron meets Godzilla if Godzilla was a Doctor Who creature on steroids… but not normal steroids, no, some supercharged space steroids from the planet Gymnasia. Thank you Guillermo del Toro. You make beautiful things for us nerds to love.





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