Sleepwalk with Me



Mike Birbiglia is a very funny comedian who decided to write, direct and star in a movie. Why? Because nobody else was going to do it for him. Initiative kids… that’s the good word! Go and do. If you want something, make it happen.


In this Mike takes the advice of generations of writers and writes what he knows. The film is about a stand-up comedian whose life has become stale. His career isn’t going anywhere, his relationship seems to be doing the same and now his sleepwalking has gotten way worse. So he does what any able bodied comedian would do… no he doesn’t go to a doctor, he uses his life as material in his act.


Birbiglia surrounds himself with very funny and very talented people, which always helps. The premise looks good and the story is solid. I know I will check this out when I can. And go out and make your own thing! 🙂





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