Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole that is You Tube. It tends to turn into a dark and scary place, but every once in a while you find something that makes the trip worth it. This trailer is one such thing. I enjoy finding strange and interesting films and this looks like it could foot the bill. Two industrial cleaners get a call to take care of a rather messy crime scene. What they find there isn’t what they expected; they find Thale.

What is Thale you ask? Thale is based on the real Norwegian folklore of the Huldra or in the native language skogsfru which means ‘Lady of the Forrest’. They are stunningly beautiful, usually naked, creatures from the front but resemble a hollowed out tree from behind.  They live in hiding and lure unsuspecting young men to them for nefarious reasons, usually to bed them. If they are not satisfied they usually kill the man but if they are satisfied the Huldra will release them with a reward. There are other stories about baby swapping and such but I think you get the idea.

The movie made the film festival circuit last year so if you want to look this one up, head over to Amazon Instant Video and you can stream ‘Thale’ today if you wish. I just might.




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