The Babymakers



The ‘Broken Lizard’ boys (Super Troopers, Beerfest) are back…. a few of them anyway. This time they didn’t write the film, but they do co-star in the movie and Jay Chandrasekhar directs. (He has directed all but one of their movies and has helmed tons of TV shows.)


The film stars the beautiful and hilarious Olivia Munn (I fell in love with her on G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’), and the movie centers on her and her hubby who are trying to get preggers. After finding out his swimmers aren’t up to par anymore, they try to get ahold of a sample he donated when he was in college… only to find out all but one of the specimens are gone and that one has already been sold. He and his friends hire a guy to help them try and break into the facility and liberate the prize… As always, wackiness ensues. It does look like a good time. I will give it a watch!!!





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