The Bay



In this one, a small Maryland town gets thrown into chaos when some sort of environmentally, ecological type disaster thing takes place. Easy enough premise and I can get behind that. As horror/thriller type movies go, it has the genesis of a good concept. There is a built in fear of something we can’t see infecting where we live and then infecting us. It’s why pharmaceuticals are a multi-billion dollar industry.


But with this film, director Barry Levinson (Good Morning Vietnam, Wag the Dog, Diner) and first time screenwriter Michael Wallach try to throw too many genres and styles into one film. Just from the surface I glean a found footage movie, a monster thriller (The monster, in this case, being a form of the Cymothoa exigua parasite that usually attaches to fish tongues, drains the blood and makes it atrophy. Normally they are unable to survive and infect humans but in this they have evolved because of something someone put in the water), a ‘based on actual events’ (Which it is not) movie, an infection movie, which they are then turning it into a zombie apocalypse storyline. In turn some will argue that isn’t a true zombie film but a subgenre and different. (I tend to agree.)


It just seems a bit busy and cluttered for my tastes. Granted the trailer does have a couple jump moments, but, this is produced by the folks who brought us the Paranormal Activities franchise, so for me anyway, the jump moments were predictable. Like I said that’s just me. For some I am sure it will give genuine thrills and chills. And, it might just turn out to be a good film (It did place in the ‘Midnight Madness’ category at the Toronto Film Festival). You and I get to make up our minds about this completely on November 2nd.





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