The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best



Ryan O’Nan tripled up on this film, he wrote, directed and he stars in it. That is a telltale sign that it’s more on the independent side of the spectrum. I welcome that. Why you may ask do I welcome Indie films? It is simple; Indie movies are usually filled with fresh/new ideas. Hollywood needs more fresh ideas. Granted, at the heart of every movie, there are commonalities, but it is how they are written and presented that makes all the difference. For instance in this movie, at its center, is a formed friendship or bro-mance and a love story, but it is presented as a funny take on trying to make it big and the anxiety involved. Throw in a fantastic cast and this has the makings of a sweet little film that could.


It gets a wide release tomorrow so look for it. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.





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