Welcome to Yesterday


'Welcome to Yesterday' banner

‘Welcome to Yesterday’ banner

First off, yes this movie is produced by Michael Bay. But from what I can find out, his involvement goes only as far as fronting some of the money because he was busy making ‘Transformers 4’ while this was shooting. The plot for ‘Welcome to Yesterday’ is simple:

A group of friends discover the plans for a time machine in their basement. They decide to build it. At first things are awesome. They are jumping around in time doing all the awesome stuff we all would do if we had that technology. Soon they discover there is a price that gets paid for messing with the past.

Some of the talented young cast of 'Welcome to Yesterday'

Some of the talented young cast of ‘Welcome to Yesterday’

Despite the whole ‘found footage’ aspect of the filming (I’m not a big fan of that), I think the plot is awesome. It pulls in aspects of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ as it should because once you change something other things will in turn change. Plus it also has a real ‘Chronicle’ feel to it. Probably because of the shared filming style but also because the working title of this film was ‘Almanac’. They just feel similar.




A screen shot from 'Welcome to Yesterday'

A screen shot from ‘Welcome to Yesterday’

The young cast looks up to the task and I know I am hankering for a good time traveling movie. This is the first feature film for the two writers Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark. It is also the first big solo directing gig for Dean Israelite. Both those things make me excited for this because new, young filmmakers like to push boundaries. The potential is there.

Check this one out February 2014.



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