We’re the Millers

We're the Millers Movie Poster

We’re the Millers Movie Poster

What happens when a small time pot dealer is asked to smuggle some weed across the Mexican/American boarder? He obviously creates a fake family to go with him and drive the product over the border. Who does he get to be his fake family? His next door neighbor who is a stripper, kid who happens to be his friend and some random street girl.

Did I mention the small time pot dealer is played by Jason Sudeikis. Who happens to be one of the funniest guys to come out of SNL in years. The random street girl is the very beautiful and talented Emma Roberts. The one requesting the pot is the fantastic Ed Helms. Love that guy. One of my favorite people on the planet, Molly Quinn, also has a small role. She plays Nick Offerman’s daughter. Right there, with Molly Quinn is enough for me to see this one.

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston

Wait… I know I’m forgetting something… what is it now… hmmmmmm… Oh yeah, I remember… the stripper. That role is played by Jennifer Aniston. Holy crap on cracker, she delivers on her part. WOW… I honestly and truly think she is better looking now then she was during the run of ‘Friends’. She definitely has fine wine syndrome; she gets better with age. August 9th we get to see the full show.




I am also including the Red Bad trailer. There is a bit of swearing and the end gag/joke in the trailer is pretty blue… but very funny. This is NSFW, so watch with that in mind!





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